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Can I use condenser microphone with AudioPressBox®?
Every input module of Audio Press Box® provides 24V or 48V Phantom power, so you can use any type of microphone to capture the signal.
What are compressor and limiter?
These elements automatically control your signal and provide the best signal condition for every output. You will get perfect signal without clipping or distortion. You can switch this element on or off for each input depending your needs.
What is the signal generator for?
A signal generator, also called a test signal generator is an electronic device designed to produce sine signal – frequency of 1kHz, which can help to set your levels correctly.
How can I get more than 24 outputs?
Every multi-input Audio Press Box® offers possibility to extend its output section with Extenders APB-024 R-EX. You can route signal to 2 independent groups of extenders.
Do I need to buy extra batteries for battery operation?
If you have ordered Audio Press Box® with rechargeable battery option, accumulator is already built in the device and you don’t have to buy any extra batteries. Just recharge and go anywhere. Don’t forget, you can run on these batteries up to 10 hours of full load!
Can I install my Audio Press Box® into the rack or wall?
We offer rack version of all Audio Press Box® devices, so you can install your Audio Press Box® into standard 19” rack with 2U high input module and 2U high output module with 24 outputs. For installation on the wall, we can provide you smaller modules in a custom design, where you can chose number of outputs or design/color of the unit.
What is “Input link?
Portable versions of Audio Press Box® offer cascading option via Input link connector, which provides the same signal as Audio Press Box® receives directly from the microphone’s input. You can connect two or more portable Audio Press Box® devices together to offer more than 20 outputs and set signal processing and levels for each Audio Press Box® independently.
Can I integrate Audio Press Box® with my system?
Audio Press Box® devices are prepared to integrate with other devices for your pressrooms, conference systems or to be completely portable. Just plug your microphone/line input to your Audio Press Box®, set levels and you are all set.
How can I setup the system?
All you need to do is plug your microphone in, switch Audio Press Box® on, set levels and you are ready to distribute high quality signal for all the recipients.
Can I connect more than 4 microphones?
Yes, you can connect your mixing console output to Audio Press Box®. With the mixing console you can connect as many microphones or inputs as console’s parameters allow you to use. Audio Press Box® gives you the perfect signal condition for all recipients.


Is Audio Press Box® intended also for U.S. network?
This website presents the product intended for usage in the U.S. environment. European countries have no different requirements except the mains voltage and the power plug. Explore our product portfolio and feel free to contact us to find out what you are looking for.
What Custom design means?
Our professional design team can customize Audio Press Box® just how you want to have it. You can specify number of inputs, number of outputs, rechargeable battery option, device type, extender option, color etc.
What is the delivery time in case of the custom design?
You will receive an email to confirm your order. It depends on the type of custom design should be. Usually it takes 30 working days to create the Audio Press Box® to fit your needs.
Are there any restrictions on international deliver?
There are no restrictions on international sales and deliveries. We ship worldwide anytime.
How do I become a reseller?
To become a reseller just write us at We will contact you back with all information needed for reselling.
If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.