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AudioPressBox APB-224 C ecosystem

AudioPressBox is a part of every professional press conference. On the following diagram of AudioPressBox ecosystem we would like to show you the simplicity and beauty of all types of devices that can be connected to our unit, in this case namely to the APB-224 C.AudioPressBox Ecosystem

AudioPressBox APB-224 C functions as a ''brain'' of the whole press conference ecosystem.

You have 2 MIC/LINE inputs to which you can easily connect any kind of microphone directly along with othere options like interpreter booth, conference system or mixing console.

In the input section you can choose bus A, B or A+B wit this feature you can easily use the unit for a bilingual conference.


AudioPressBox Ecosystem

Our balanced and individually transformer isolated outputs serve as a source of either MIC / Line level output and can feed any of the journalist's devices such as OB Van, Camera and Voice recorder. You can also provide the signal to your smartphone (using iRig) and to speakers.

Due to the built-in rechargeable Li-Ion accu pack in APB-224 C you can also organize the press conference outdoors and do not worry about the AC.


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