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Rechargable Li-Ion Accu Pack / RPS

Safe and secure solution for your event.

The built-in rechargable Li-Ion AccuPack on most of the portable AudioPressBox devices allows you complete freedom from AC.

What is more when the Li-Ion AccuPack is being recharged it works also as a reduntant power supply.

When the charging cable is unplugged, the device automatically switches to the Li-Ion AccuPack with no down time.

Features of rechargable Li-Ion AccuPack:
- No memory effect
- 8 - 16 hours of operation at full capacity depending on device type
- Fast charging
- Ability to recharge the Li-Ion AccuPack from your car while driving to the next event

APB-Car Charging Cable

Devices with built-in rechargable Li-Ion AccuPack:

APB-116 SBAPB-116 PAPB-124 SBAPB-448 SBAPB-224 CAPB-416 C



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