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Safe press conference with AudioPressBox

AudioPressBox devices distribute audio signal from a lectern to all journalists and media present at a press conference.

AudioPressBox press conference outdoors

Are you organizing a press conference for more people? Are the current restrictions limiting you? Just go with your press conference outdooors with our APB-224 C.

Why to use AudioPressBox at press conferences?

  • Allows to keep social distance between speaker and media
  • Enables to connect second microphone for journalist's questions
  • Transfers the words said authentically for all media

You can use AudioPressBox anywhere, even without electricity, as it has a built-in rechargeable AccuPack that operates for up to 8 hours at full capacity.

Therefore, you can organize a professional press conference in any space and still keep the social distance and stay safe.


AudioPressBox APB-224 C



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