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Visiting our partners in Hong Kong and Dubai

There's something truly special about meeting our valued distributors face-to-face, and our recent journey to Dubai and Hong Kong was no exception. Our trip kicked off in Dubai, where we had the privilege of connecting with our partner AVP. Following an insightful training session, we had the pleasure of coming together for a great dinner.

Our business trip continued as we touched down in Hong Kong, a crucial hub for our operations. In this vibrant city, we found our strongest allies: ACE HK, Sunrise-trading, and Audiolink, who serve as the cornerstone of our business in Hong Kong. What made this visit even more exceptional was our invitation to a reception hosted by HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council). During this event, we were thrilled to witness our AudioPressBox unit in action, thanks to a rental company providing the PA system. Seeing our technology being put to good use brought us immense joy and satisfaction.

These personal encounters with our distributors not only strengthen our professional relationships but also reaffirm our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to our partners worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on our exciting journeys and collaborations!

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