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APB-112 IW-D-USB Dante InWall PressBox Audio Distribution Amplifier

AudioPressBox APB-112 IW-D-USB

Professional, in wall, active, AudioPressBox unit with 1 channel DANTE input, 8 LINE/Mic outputs and 4 USB-C outputs. It is powered via PoE so you need only 1 cable for the signal and power. The easy install allows for quick setup.



  • 1 channel DANTE input - RJ45
  • 8 high quality balanced and individually transformer isolated outputs
  • 4 Digital USB-C outputs
  • Each XLR Output is switchable between MIC or LINE output level
  • The unit is powered only via PoE from DANTE network
  • Thanks to DANTE patching you can easily expand number of channels or number of outputs by adding other APB-112 IW-D or APB-112 IW-D-USB units
  • The package also contains the scame flush mounting box

USB-C outputs


Easy installation

Individually transformer isolated outputs

Mic/Line Outputs


Easy to use

APB-112 IW-D-USB Ecosystem

* For iPhone and iPad with lightning connector Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter is needed together with a USB-A to USB-C cable.



Dante Controller


Audio Press Box APB-112 IW-D-USB
Type 1 In 12 Out
Groups 1
Input section
Inputs 1
Input connectors RJ45 - Dante
PoE Requirement YES
Reference level -18dBFS
Output section
Analog Outputs
Outputs 8 Line/MIC level
Output connectors Balanced, XLR
Nominal Output Level +6dBu
Maximum Output Level +20dBu (no load) +14dBu (600Ω)
Output impedance Mic: 220 Ω Line: 600 Ω
Transformer isolated outputs Yes (each output)
SNR >70 dB
Frequency Response 80Hz to 20kHz/-3dB
Digital Outputs
Outputs 4x USB Type C
Compliant USB Specification USB 2.0
Supported Sampling Rates 8kHz, 11.025kHz, 16kHz, 22.05kHz, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
Bit Depth 16-Bit
Interface Powering Bus powered (from connected USB host device)
Charging capability No
Output section Output level, Power
Power Supply PoE, Type 1, Class 3 (12,95W)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 280 x 138 x 50mm
Weight 2700 g

Block diagram

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