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AudioPressBoxAPB-116 P

Active, portable, 1x MIC/LINE Input,
16 LINE/MIC Outputs, internal AccuPack 10 hours

A professional  portable active press box  (Audio Splitter) suitable for both  indoor  and  outdoor  press conferences. 
It features 1  MIC/Line Input  and 16  Line/Mic Outputs.  
Each Output is independet transformer balanced and isolated.
The APB-116 P also includes a  rechargeable AccuPack  so it can run on its own  up to 10 hours.  
The wooden sides give it a premium look so it is a nice addition to any conference room.


Delivery time: 2-5 business days worldwide.


  • 1 MIC (phantom power) / LINE Input – balanced with gain control and 26dB PAD

  • 16 High quality internal balanced Outputs, independent transformer isolated

  • Each Output is switchable between MIC or LINE level

  • Switchable High-Pass filter for each Input channel

  • Switchable Compressor and Limiter for each Input channel

  • Constant level Test signal oscillator with no mistake switch operation

  • Headphones control Output

  • Li-Ion AccuPack with microprocessor controlled battery management

  • 10 hour full load capacity. Note: AccuPack is placed inside the unit

+48V +48V If you are about to use condenser microphone, turn Phantom power switch ON to feed your microphone with 24/48V. If you use dynamic microphone or microphone with his own power, you can switch this OFF.
PAD PAD If you are using microphone as an input, this button should be set to “Off” position. If you are using input from the mixing console or CD player, please set this switch to “On” position.
COMP COMP (Compressor/Limiter operation button) To provide perfect output signal without clipping or distortion, you can switch the Comp button ON. If you switch this OFF, signal in output could contain signal clipping or distortion.
HPF HPF (High Pass Filter) This button helps to avoid distributing low-end rumble like a microphone handling noise or pops. You have 2 options – full range or 160Hz low-cut frequency. The one you choose depends on the sound, you want to filter out.
OSC OSC (Oscillator operation switch) To test signal level, which is coming to the outputs, you can switch this Test 1kHz sine signal oscillator on. After recipients set the levels in their recording devices, you should switch this function OFF. When compressor switch is set to ON, output signal level won’t exceed this maximum output level.
16x TRANSFORMER Transformer Separately transformer isolated outputs.
Rechargeable batteries Optional Built-in Li-Ion battery pack with microprocessor controlled battery management, 10 hour working time at full load. No self-discharge and memory effect, always ready to use. Short charging time compared to conventional batteries.

Press conference with a mixing console and speakers::


Press conference withouth mixing console and speakers:


Audio Press Box APB-116P
Type 1 in16 out - portable
Groups 1
Input section
Inputs 1
Input connectors Balanced, XLR
Max. input level Limiter ON
Mic: -10/-30dBu
Line: +36/-4dBu
Limiter OFF
Mic: -2/-42dBu
Line: +24/-16dBu
Phantom Voltage 48V
Input Impedance Mic: 2,4 kOhm Line: 3,5 kOhm
Output section
Outputs 16 Line/MIC leve
Output connectors Balanced, XLR
Nominal Output Level +6dBu
Maximum Output Level +20dBu (no load)
+14dBu (600kOhm)
Output impedance Mic: 220 Ohm Line: 600 Ohm
Transformer isolated outputs Yes (each output)
SNR 86dB
Frequency Response 30/160Hz (filter) to 30kHz/-1dB
Controls Mic/Line PAD, Input gain, Phantom, High-pass filter, Compressor, Oscillator, Phones level, Power, Output PAD
Indicators Input clip, Phantom power, Output level, Gain reduction, Power, Battery status
Power Supply 24V DC, 1A external adaptor
Battery Li-Ion, 14,4V 2200mAh
Battery Operation Time min. 12hrs
Dimensions (WxHxD) 288x255x125mm
Weight 3810 g

If you wish to have a specific AudioPressBox of this type - Colour, number of inputs / outputs please let us know! You will be contacted as soon as possible within 24 hours.

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