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AudioPressBoxAPB-P112 SB

Passive, 1x LINE Input, 12x MIC Outputs

A professional portable passive press box (Audio Splitter) suitable for both indoor and outdoor press conferences.
It features 1 Line Input and 12 MIC outputs.
Each Output is independet transformer balanced and isolated.
It also has a link Output so you can daisy chain more of them in a row if you need additional MIC Outputs.

It can be fed directly by a mixing console.

Source: Balanced Line Output of professional audio equipment.


Delivery time: 2-5 business days worldwide.


  • 1 balanced LINE Input 
  • 12 High quality balanced Outputs, each Output is independent transformer isolated

Note: Source: Balanced Line Output of professional audio equipment.

12x TRANSFORMER Transformer Separately transformer isolated outputs.

Press conference with a mixing console and speakers:

AudioPressBox, Mult Box, PressBox, Mult Box, Press Patch Box, Pressesplitter, APB-P112 SB

Audio Press Box APB-P112 SB
Type 1 in 12 out
Groups 1
Inputs 1
Input connectors ballanced, XLR
Max. input level Line: +24dBu
Input Impedance 2,5kOhm
Ouputs 12 MIC level (-38dBu) 1 Input link (Line level)
Ouput connectors ballanced, XLR-M connector
Transfomer isolated outputs Yes (each output)
Nominal Output level -38dBu (0dBu on the input)
Maximum Output level -14dBu (no load) -20dBu (150 Ohm)
Output Impedance 150 Ohm
Frequency Response 10Hz to 30kHz/-1dB
Dimensions (WxHxD) 225x135x95 mm
Weight 1860g

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