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AudioPressBoxAPB-D200 R

Active 19” rack AudioPressBox distribution Drive Unit, 2 LINE Inputs, 4 buffered Outputs for 12 AudioPressBox 008 expanders

A professional active press box drive unit (Audio Splitter) serving as a source for AudioPressBox expanders.
It features 2 Line Inputs and 4 buffered expander Outputs. 
It is a 2 channel drive unit with purpose of feeding any of our expanders.
This drive unit can power up to 96 Line/MIC outputs.
You can connect any of our expanders to it

Drive unit for : APB-008 SB-EX, APB-008 IW-EX, APB-008 OW-EX, APB-008 FB-EX, APB-024 R-EX, APB-P008 OW-EX, APB-P008 IW-EX


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  • Professional active 19” rack AudioPressBox Drive unit
  • Channels (2x balanced LINE Input)
  • Switchable High-Pass filter for for each Input channel
  • Switchable Compressor and Limiter for for each Input channel
  • 4 separately buffered Outputs (2 for each channel) that can drive 6x APB-008 or 2x APB-024 Output expanders.
  • Maximum drive capacity 96 Line or Mic Outputs.

Note: Source of: APB-008 SB-EX, APB-008 IW-EX, APB-008 OW-EX, APB-008 FB-EX, APB-024 R-EX, APB-P008 OW-EX, APB-P008 IW-EX

COMP COMP (Compressor/Limiter operation button) To provide perfect output signal without clipping or distortion, you can switch the Comp button ON. If you switch this OFF, signal in output could contain signal clipping or distortion.
HPF HPF (High Pass Filter) This button helps to avoid distributing low-end rumble like a microphone handling noise or pops. You have 2 options – full range or 160Hz low-cut frequency. The one you choose depends on the sound, you want to filter out.
24V 24V DC Power Supply
driver 4x24 2 x 2 buffered expander outputs

 AudioPressBox, Mult Box, PressBox, Mult Box, Press Patch Box, Pressesplitter,

 AudioPressBOx D200 R PressBOx D200 R block diagram


Audio Press Box APB-D200 R
Type 2 IN/ 4 Drive OUT for 12xAPB 8-Output expanders or 4xAPB 24- Output expander
Note: Total capacity:96 Line/Mic outputs (12x APB-008 xx-EX or 4x APB-024 R-EX)
Input section
Inputs 2
Input connectors Balanced, XLR
Max. input level Line: +32/+2dBu
Input Impedance >5kOhm
Output section
Outputs 4 separately buffered, balanced outputs for AudioPressBox expanders
Output connectors Balanced, XLR
Nominal Output Level +6 dBu
Maximum Output Leve +20dBu with 48 Outputs in use
+16dBu (600kOhm)
Output impedance Mic: 220 Ohm Line: 600 Ohm
Transformer isolated outputs Yes (each EXPANDER output is Independant Transformer Isolated)
SNR 86dB at 0dB Gain
78dB at +20dB Gain
Frequency Response 30/160Hz (filter) to 60kHz/-1dB
Controls Input gain, Compressor and Limiter, High Pass Filter, Power
Indicators Input clip, Output level, Gain reduction, Power
Power Supply 24V DC, 300mA external adaptor
Dimensions (WxHxD) 480x120x44mm
Weight 1210g


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